About Us

IT Services Provider and Software Development Company, to help software outsourcing & development companies from abroad

Meet the team

We are a passionate company that specializes in A.I. services.

Mr. P.S. Chauhan

(CEO & MD)

Brings to Oxedes a passion for helping small businesses succeed and more than 5 years of experience in the enterprise software market.

Mr. James C. Hagen

(Business Development Head,USA)

Mr. James C. Hagen is the Business Development Head USA , where he is responsible for overall clients projects and communication.

Eric L. Gaertner

Lead Operations Head U.K.

Larry is director operations head,he knows how to Enhanced resources helps to improvise your internal and external service levels.

Maryse St-Jean

Payment Head

Kathy joined Oxedes in 2018 and working experiance arround 11 years.