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About Oxedes Techsoft (P) Ltd.
About Oxedes Techsoft (P) Ltd

Oxedes Techsoft (P) Ltd Was Founded In 2009 and leading provider of Enterprise Web Solutions & Software Solutions. We partner with established firms to assist them with all of their software package development, web development, made web and web promoting desires. We believe creating an extended TERM impact by implementing Enterprise Web & Software Solutions, we have a tendency to provide Solutions and tools that improve business processes, also as client expertise and revenue.In the course of the most recent couple of decades, innovation has changed the universe of business. Today, access to data is the key achievement element. More organizations, paying little heed to their size and "citizenship", utilize the upsides of innovation to amplify their business achievement. Our central goal is to empower individuals and organizations to augment their business achievement.

Now Company Management Team

Pushpendra S. Chauhan

Chief executive officer (CEO) &
Managing director (MD)

Daniel K. Bishop

Head Global Sales

Rajeev Ranjan

Head Business Development

Company Vision & Mission

Our Vision
To be the best Web & Software Solutions provider for global incorporations.
Our Mission
Oxedes Techsoft (P) Ltd. Mission to work globally with team of professionals and provide Better Web & Software Solutions and allow customers to get Advantages of outsourcing.

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