SEO in 2017 Mobile optimization as a competitive advantage

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SEO in 2017: Mobile optimization as a competitive advantage

Dec 26, 2016

Digital Marketing


In several industries, this might be conservative and, at the agency I be within the United Kingdom, Bowler Hat, our B2C shoppers area unit seeing up to eighty five % of all web site sessions conducted on mobile devices.


Suffice it to mention, mobile has well and really arrived. Yet, whereas responsive style has been around for a moment currently and is fairly well-established, the bulk of websites tend to collapse on usability. That is, the bulk of websites area unit still designed for desktop and so dialed back for mobile. That form-fill that was gently annoying on desktop is an absolute pig on mobile. even though it's responsive.


This is not ok within the mobile-first world we tend to are racing toward in 2017.


In this article, i'm about to inspect however you'll be able to make sure you are really optimizing for mobile users. we are going to inspect the basics of responsive style and page speed, however we are going to additionally look on the far side this at user expertise tailored to mobile devices. we are going to then wrap this up with a mobile improvement listing that you just will use to spot improvement opportunities.


Our goal here is to go the additional distance to form absolutely mobile-focused websites; to please our users and drive conversions; to use mobile improvement to develop a strategic advantage over the competition. And, of course, Google desires to please mobile users thus we are able to improve engagement and on-page ranking factors and additionally have the benefit of improved SEO. higher for users. higher for search engines. Win-win.


The following are three key stats that I have lifted from Google’s promotional materials that clearly illustrate the importance of mobile optimization:

  1. Today, more people search on mobile phones than computers.
  2. People are five times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly.
  3. Over half of mobile users will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

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