Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

Oxedes absolutely understands the need of associate degree economical enterprise search system for a data-driven organization. Our enterprise search system provides quick question reaction time and a consolidated, hierarchic result set, facultative users to simply find the knowledge they look for.

Why Choose Oxedes For Enterprise Search Solution?

Structured Search Results:

When users enter a question within the browser they will explore for your company via internal and external websites, local and remote databases, content management systems, file systems and collaboration systems at same time.

Seamless Integration:

Enterprise Search solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly together with your existing systems. The search system handles the supply necessary to gather information from numerous sources. information is then indexed for fast retrieval. To deliver extremely relevant search results, differing kinds of knowledge analysis are performed, similar to linguistic analysis and hierarchal search results.


For any Enterprise Search resolution, security may be a essential part for fulfillment and our high priority here at Oxedes. Roles is organized by the executive users to limit access as required. Through this role-based access, your team will ensure the correct data is obtainable to the correct users at the correct time.

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