Oracle Endeca

Oracle Endeca

Endeca InFront™ could be a leading enterprise search tool that powers user searches on websites throughout the planet. exploitation the Oracle Endeca best-of-breed search, navigation and program improvement tools, our shoppers expertise increased conversion rates and bigger average order sizes by using Endeca InFront™.

Under the distinctive contract with Oxedes and Oracle Endeca, Oxedes will offer the facility of the Endeca InFront™ platform to small to mid-size retailers. This superior client expertise Management (CXM) technology can facilitate your shoppers notice the proper product, at the proper time, with the proper worth on your web site.

Endeca InFront™ Features


Target your user’s search results, behaviors and promotions primarily based upon their previous web site activity and searches.


This sturdy enterprise search tool includes advanced practicality akin to relevancy ranking, keyword re-direct, multiple website searches and a lot of.

Faceted Navigation

The Endeca MDEX engine™ guides your customers to relevant knowledge on your web site victimization previous searches and navigation that pertain to their best interests.

Centralized Merchandising

Your team will management the content shown to your customers through multiple channels as well as mobile, web site and social media.

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