Technology Overview

Technology Overview

Endeca InFrontâ„¢ may be a strong enterprise-level guided search platform that makes a speciality of auto-categorizing results for every individual user. Oxedes will enhance your user's expertise with the Endeca Multichannel commerce by participating with customers as shortly as they enter your website. once a client clicks on an item on your website,

Endeca InFront presents only relevant product to your customers inside cartridges on your website. The Endeca InFront code permits for the personalization of promotions on pages wherever customers type their purchasing choices. Oxedes goal is to supply relevant content at every purpose of the client expertise.

Why Oxedes?
We take the time to understand your goals

Oxedes can leverage the maximum power of Endeca InFront to help achieve your online business goals. Your team of Endeca experts will work with you throughout the process of adding Endeca to your site.

We aspire to become your Trusted Advisor

At Oxedes we strive to become the trusted advisor that our clients turn to and trust. Our Endeca experts will make sure you are satisfied for the long run.

We take pride in being the e-commerce experts

Oxedes Endeca developers can not only assist with the configuration and custom goals of your team within the Endeca On-Demand platform but we can also guide your team with best practices from our current client experiences.

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