Web Analytics Consulting

Web Analytics Consulting

The ability to measure success is what makes on-line marketing thus appealing. virtually each facet of on-line promoting may be tracked , measured, and tested and corporations have web site analytics to thank for this. while not the utilization of web analytics, on-line marketing initiatives are performed blindly and can be a lot of less effective within the long-term.

Data Driven choices

Oxedes web analytics consultants are extremely experienced in investment the ability of web analytics knowledge to maximise on-line growth. Our specialists use on-site and off-site analytics to see your website’s effectiveness, visibility, and growth potential.

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KPI establishment

Oxedes SEM Specialists work together with your company to determine measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) for your web site that tie into your overall business strategy.


Everyone has got to begin somewhere.Oxedes team establishes solid benchmark knowledge to live our progress against.

Testing & optimization

A new title or a distinct image will increase a landing page’s conversion rate by a hundred. Oxedes is endlessly testing completely different variables on your web site to make sure most conversion.

Reporting & Analysis

Set Goals, Configure/Collect knowledge, Analyze knowledge, Optimize, Measure, Repeat. Our SEM specialists are trained to create key strategic selections based on analytics knowledge.

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